Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nigeria Floods

There is a strange and terrible flood ravaging the entire country now, expecially the Niger Delta and the South Eastern parts of the nation. The flood has swept accross about 31 States and its still spreading like hamattan fire. Please send us reports with pictures if it affects your community, village or place of residence. The picture below is a clip of what is happening somewhere near Asaba.

Edo State also has fair share of the flood too..... No where seems to be left out.

A scene from Anambra state where thousands of people were made homeless as houses were submerged by the flood

This is the situation in Kogi state...... Please help pray for Nigeria

This is a live picture from Isoko, Delta state..... Information reaching me indicates that only few communities in Isoko land are yet to be submerged like this one you see here. God help us.

See what some parts of Kano state look like now....

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