Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Museveni wants corrupt officials' property confiscated

NEC members at State House Entebbe. Photo by Enock Kakande

By Mary Karugaba

 Properties of corrupt officials who steal public money should be confiscated, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

The President said this would deter thieves from their "parasitic" ways.

Addressing members of the NRM at state House Entebbe Tuesday, the President said it was disgusting for Ugandans to ask for bribes or commission from investors.

 "Investors get a lot of problems and it's really embarrassing. You get an investor and you ask for commissions, shares, and bribes? It is disgusting. Why cheat a foreigner?" the President asked.

According to the president, corruption must be rooted out because it wastes resources and deprives Ugandans of social economic transformation.

For this to be done, the President proposed that the Government needs to enforce the provisions of the Leadership Code Act section section.35 (a).

The President also noted that corruption wastes opportunities by delaying investments because thieves are looking for bribes.

He lashed at courts for being lenient in matters of corruption, an issue he said had become injurious to the fight against corruption but was happy that monitoring units are already exposing "these parasites."

The President also proposed amendment to some of the laws especially those that allow criminals including rioters to go scot-free with impunity. This he said spoils the image of the country abroad and also discourages investors as well as tourists.

"It also worries internal citizens. It is as if there is a serious problem in Uganda when the only problem is lax laws," he said. The President proposed that rioters and their organizers should also be forced to pay for the damages.

According to the President, about 40 people, including a Policeman Ariong, have been killed since the riots of Betty Anywar in 2007, Kayunga in 2009 and the recent ones of Besigye.

"This is not acceptable. This is not what we fought for. Why should anybody organize an assembly without coordinating with the Police?" he asked.

He noted that in most cases, the youth who are bribed to participate in the riots do not do so for political reasons.

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