Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hope for Africa announces entry into Ugandan market

hope for Africa CEO, John Bosco Ogwang with guests during a fund raising event at the Ugandan Karibu restaurant in waltham last Sunday. Pic by Harrison Maina/ Ajabu Media.
 By Harrison Maina, AjabuAfrica.com, Posted: APRIL 21, 2012. 
LOWELL, Mass.,_Fast growing, charity- oriented African shipping company, Hope for Africa, based in Dracut, Mass., has announced plans to start a new shipping service to Kampala and Entebbe in Uganda.
The announcement was made during a fund raising dinner for the company held last Sunday at the Ugandan Karibu restaurant in Waltham.

 “Starting August 1st this year, our first container to Kampala will leave Boston,” said Hope for Africa CEO, John Bosco Ogwan while speaking to a handful of customers who attended the fund raiser to benefit several orphanages in Africa served by the company.

 The son of a Ugandan mother and a Kenyan father, Ogwan told guests that Uganda has always been a special place for him as he was born there prior to being relocated to Kenya for safety during the Idi Amin Dada reign of terror.

 “I still have a small apartment in Kampala”, said the businessman to the surprise of guests present.
“That is why I want to provide our very affordable shipping services to Uganda so that folks can have an opportunity to help their loved ones and thousands of helpless children in Uganda through sending of used clothes and other household items that they no longer need at our unbelievably low prices,” he added.
He welcomed Ugandans in the USA to try out his services especially by using the standard 24”x24”x24” box which is going for only $330 regardless of weight to ship from Boston to the company’s office in Kampala.

 According to Ogwan, his company charges $145  to ship a similar size of box  to Kenya but due to  higher transit costs from Mombassa to Kampala, then the price goes a little bit  higher.
 He said that the  24”x24”x24” box is available from any Kinkos-Fedex store and all someone has to do is pick up a box, fill it with  anything they can fit in it then  call  Hope for Africa to come and pick up if within Massachusetts or southern new Hampshire.
 As a promotional discount, the company is offering interested Ugandan customer’s free shipping using a 16x12x12 box that can be purchased at any Uhaul or Lowes stores locations.

  However, for the free service, customers will be required to pick up their box, pack it, and then drop it off at the company’s warehouse located at 72 Middlesex Street in North Chelmsford, right next to the city of Lowell.
 “For those out of state, our official courier will come to your house and pick up the box,” clarified Ogwan.
During the   fundraiser, the manager of the Karibu restaurant, Abbas Matovu thanked hope for Africa for choosing the restaurant as a venue to hold the fund raiser and launch the new Ugandan service.

He said that Karibu restaurant has been experiencing increased business from Kenyans especially due to increased awareness of their services though more exposure by AjabuAfrica.com.

John Bosco Ogwang (left) takes questions from Abbas Matovu of Karibu restaurant.H.maina/AjabuAfrica
 “We thank you very much for choosing Karibu for your event. We   also congratulate you for the new shipping service to Uganda and we will support you as much as we can,” said Matovu.
 “We are welcoming other Kenyans who are looking for a great and quiet place to hold meetings while experiencing a true taste of east African food. We also do outdoor catering for private parties, weddings, graduations and other events,” added the manager.
Stressing on the need for Africans to have a heart of philanthropy, Jayne Tinega a gospel artist who performed at the event said that she has sent several boxes of clothing to the Grace Ministry, a charitable children’s home run by her church in Limuru, Kenya which were received by the beneficiaries with great joy.
“I think John is doing a great thing by providing this service where average people can have a chance to help those who can’t help themselves. When I sent a box of clothes though Hope for Africa to the Grace ministry at my home church in Kenya, they took pictures of the children receiving the gifts, and I tell you, you would think it was gold they received,” said Tinega.

 Another Kenyan man who attended the event said that he always used to hear people saying that they were shipping things to their families in Kenya but has never felt the need to send anything other than cash until he heard about what Hope for Africa was doing.
“I feel like I have been compelled to ship things now since I heard about this service. I am sending some used clothes and toys to a children’s home in my village in Busia, Kenya,” said Chris Makoha Odongo, a customer who attended the fund raiser.
 Ogwan said he was inspired to start the hope for Africa low- cost shipping service after he was charged way too much money by the regular shipping companies for a box of diapers and baby feeding bottles to his wife in Kenya after their daughter was born shortly after he arrived in the US.

  Interested customers can contact hope for Africa at:


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