Monday, April 25, 2011

Ambassador Elkana Odembo Houston visit

Hon. Elkana Odembo, The Kenyan Ambassador to the United States wishes to
meet  Kenyans at the venues stated below. He will be here attending a specialty
coffee conference which begins April 27th

Thursday April 28th: 
Invited: All Kenya Students
                                              Texas Southern University
                                              Bell Building
                                              3100 Cleburne Ave
                                              Houston Tx 77004
                                     Time: 6pm - 8pm

Saturday April 30th Venue:
Invited: All Kenyans, Kenyan/Americans - Refreshments will be served
                                              The Korean Community Center of Houston
                                              1809 Hollister Rd
                                               Houston Texas 77080
                                    Time: 3pm to 9:00pm
                                Agenda:  1.enlighten on current developments,
                                              2.implementation of the new Constitution,
                                              3.Vision 2030 and the role of the Diaspora

Lillian Malit           832- 721-8418
Lucy Simiyu         832-883-2218
Lucy  Kilonzi         713-658-5755
Rachael Nyameyo  832-343-9136
Ernest Mbalanya    6193798568
Sam Njunuri           281-236-9110
Margaret Lutta        832-647-3978
Elizabeth Ongudu   281-706-0018      
Tom Anassi            281-673-0043
Ochoo Robinson     832-265-0752
Peter Khwatenge    832-661-9216            
Solomon Musyimi   713-269-1196     
Pastor John Muturi  832-293-3798
Osake Mbeche       281-475-7166
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